Aims & Objectives

  1. To make arrangements for care of patient, old age person etc at hospital & their residence.
  2. To make arrangements for sick patient as per their requirements of medical equipments Like: Adjustable bed, Wheel chair, oxygen, Bi-pep, C-Pep, ventilator, Suction Machine, Cardiac Monitor, etc.
  3. To make arrangements for Ambulance services.
  4. To make arrangements of physiotherapists for physiotherapy services.
  5. To make arrangements of naturopathists for Naturopathy services.
  6. To make arrangements for dead body vehicles as required.
  7. To distribute dependable person at old age home, Kusth Asharam, Anath Asharam and hospital with food, blanket, shawl, shoes, umbrella etc.
  8. To undertake programmes for free aided medicine and medical equipment.
  9. To conduct programmes for health and make arrangements for yog shivir, satsang etc.
  10. Our society arranges the cultural activities for social welfare.
  11. Improve health, fitness, and quality of life through daily physical activity.
  12. To arrange and conduct seminars, workshop, etc on various social welfare Project/schemes and also arrange charity show .
  13. To conduct program for awareness of society at public place and other occasion.
  14. For the knowledge of public and society to make free arrangement of professional trainer to regards in the field of Health, Education and environment.
  15. To make arrangement by the society for alfalfa and water for cows and participate in gaushala project.
  16. Our society receives any of amounts as a donation and pays any amount like an honorarium.

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